This week I took a closer look at the EF_PetSlots feature on sphere.ini to completely rewrite it.
It was unfinished for many years, but on next nightly build from 24 oct 2014 (build 2080) this feature will come back to live.

[Image: Pets%201.JPG]

But as it will involve many pet behaviors, it need some testing before we consider it truly reliable.
It's already included on nightly builds, all we need to do is enable EF_PetSlots on sphere.ini and add MAXFOLLOWER property on all players (otherwise the pet counter will be 0/0 and the char will never be able to get a new pet because it already reached the max limit).

Feel free to test it and report any problem found.

The basics:
Quote:1) Counter will raise when:
-Unshrink the pet (@DClick on t_figurine)
-Summon a creature using any summon spell
-Get a pet transfered to you
-Buy a pet on a npc
-Retrieve a pet stabled on NPC

2) Counter will decrease when:
-Pet die or get removed
-Pet get deserted (@PetDesert, "all release" command or when owner attack it)
-Transfer the pet to someone

There is a new test build in the downloads section for Windows and Linux
This is to test bug #2362
which may affect the attacker system.

There is also a bonus addon not present in the nightly yet. It contains BREAK and CONTINUE for loops in scripts.



Just thought I'd change the news and point out how AWESOME our new team of developers is doing... cough... where ever they are... cough...

Yay for Sphere!!!

So, with recent events we have had a week long discussion and we are now starting to increase the development team. I have brought on several new members inside and outside the community to try and give development a hand.

Members including Extreme, Feeh, Avatar, Xantier, and Kons. There are a few more pending addition at this point.

As I stated on the Facebook Page: This is not only for Sphere, but for the longevity of UO. Kons and several others are also working on the Unity Client and other client options in case EA is to drop UO. There is a huge movement going on right now and we are hoping the dedication to this movement for UO and Sphere's future persists.

Thank you all for being a part of this.

- Khaos

Spread the blame, I spotted today that Awaken had been promoted to dev.